About Me The Midnight Flour -

I graduated with a triple Bachelor degree in Accounting, Business and Marketing I was a General Manager for a national company which was bought out by an international company..  During that time I had gotten married to a fabulous man and we have been married for eighteen years.  One day (about five years later) I found my true calling in life, the day I was blessed with a baby..  I left the business world five years after to be a mom, the best decision I ever made .  Fast forward to thirteen years, our daughter is now old enough to babysit, so that makes her more responsible and does a lot more for herself. Now I am doing what I love that it's just for me, and that is baking.  I'm sure there are a lot of women out there that knows what I mean when I say "It's just for me".  However, I am getting a lot of support and help from my family.

I have been baking for years and it is something I enjoy.  Every time I make my treats, people tell me to sell it and open up a bakery.  I love to experiment with ingredients and enjoy the challenges.  My sister and her family have gluten and dairy allergies.  That has inspired me to expand my current recipes to gluten and dairy free.  Although I am just one person and have a small menu and limited resources. I am working on creating more of my bakery in that direction, there will be more to come in the future.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my website and reading my story., Remember to add your comments on the "Blog" sight right on the menu bar up on top.

I hope you treat yourself to a little "Midnight Flour".

About the Flowers~Flours -

What is "Midnight Flour"

All Flowers new 2-4-2

The flowers have a dual purposes, they represent the type or flour and the type of bakery it is.  The bakery will have a flower next to the item that to show what type. White Flower (WF) White Flour, Green Flower (GF) Gluten Free, Daffodil Flower (DF) Dairy Free, Nuetral Flower (NF) Nut Free.

I do not bake in a commercial kitchen I bake in my own personal kitchen.  Which means the bake goods are homemade and not for retail and is not subjected to state or FDA inspection.