When placing your order and you click "Buy Now" the page will go directly to the order form. From the order page you can go back by clicking on "continue to shop".  If you are back on the website and you do not want to add more to the cart, you do have to still go to "Buy Now" to get back into the cart.  However, double check the quantity of each item to make sure your not double ordering. Use the "Instruction from buyer" enter the address and name of the person the delivery is for if it is different then the buyer's info. This is also where you would add any specific instructions if you need the delivery on a specific date and time and an alternative name of a person, if the buyer isn't there to receive it or it is a gift for someone else.

All deliveries are within in 48-72 hours from your paid order in the locations listed below unless requested by the customer.  The delivery will go to your home or your choice of establishment by our private driver. Red Velvet Cake. Chocolate Caramel Flan Cake are only available to the four Wisconsin counties listed below.  These items should be served the same day of delivery.  The Flan Cake needs to be refrigerated until you are ready to serve it. 

Please provide an email to contact you to confirm your order and any special instructions requested.  The items that freeze well are: Bundt cakes, brownies and caramel.  You can freeze these up to two months although some people have said they have for three months.

We are located in Milwaukee Wisconsin, orders are delivered by our personal driver. The deliveries are only to in the following counties: Milwaukee, Ozaukee, Racine and Waukesha.  The delivery cost is added to your order to cover the fuel cost. All other locations will have an additional delivery cost. We will email you with the addition cost and you can choose to except and pay it or deny it. If you deny the additional shipping fee or you are located where we do not deliver.  I will cancel the order for you and place an immediate refund. 

I do not bake in a commercial kitchen I bake in my own personal kitchen.  Which means the bake goods are homemade and not for retail and is not subjected to state or FDA inspection.