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Thank you for visiting my bakery.  I am a one women shop, and love challenges. I have several members of my family that have special diet needs.  Gluten Free, Nut Free, Dairy Free due to dairy interferes with concentration, Low carbs due to blood sugar and recently Vegan due to Parkinson's.  This has been a drastic change in my family member’s life from Parkinson’s; becoming Vegan has given them a better control of their life with this diet. Along with the support of an incredible spouse, this is a young couple with two beautiful sons.

There are so many allergies and diet needs in all around us and all our lives are busy.  One of my joy is to provide the simple treats at a push of a button.  My treats are made with love and so much flavor most of all without that after taste and no preservatives.    To create these awesome desserts and treats cost a lot for the ingredients and a lot of experimenting before they are perfected to sell on the website.  Some of the ingredients I can only get from a specialty store.  Before anything is available on my website I experimenting with the recipes until it is good enough for you and at times it can take months.Thank you for your time.

Any donation would be greatly appreciated so I can continue to provides treats for everyone. 

“Some may have allergies and some may not, but we all have a sweet tooth”. Midnight Flour